15 Celebrities with Insane Eating Habits

It’s almost like we never learn. When it comes to diet we just usually prefer to turn to celebrities knowing very well that they are by no means nutritionists or medical practitioners. Somehow at the back of our minds, we tend to think that eating like Beyonce or any other celebrity we admire will make us look like them someday. Well this curiosity and feeling of wanting to eat like them is mainly based on the fact that these celebrities are always in the best shape and have the best features. They wear everything so well. Anyway, over the years, celebrities have shared what they eat and some of them include some very insane diets. They will clearly stop at nothing to maintain their physique that much we can tell. So here are some celebrities with insane eating habits.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: https://www.vox.com
She is known to have a very restrictive diet but Gwyneth simply describes it as having more discipline than many other people in as far as eating is concerned. Apparently, she discovered that she had some allergic reactions towards certain foods and decided it was time to do away with some very popular foods including red meat, cow’s milk, white bread, tomatoes, eggplants, sugar, gluten, and even tomatoes. Now we know why she looks so good.