Anne Robinson Tries her Luck on Tinder at 72


If you thought dating apps were for millennials, Anne Robinson will have you thinking twice. The 72-year-old actress was seen dipping her feet into the dating pool on the popular dating app, Tinder. Robinson claimed her fame when she starred on the British game show, Weakest Link, which ran from 14th August 2000 to 31st March 2012. She was seen on the BBC’s Britain’s Relationship Secrets where she was spotted using the app.


The 72-year-old could be seen swiping away an actor who, according to her words, ‘didn’t seem to have a big income.’ She then came to the profile of a man who was holding a beer and swiped to the left. “I don’t take alcohol,” she said, “So definitely not him.”

But apparently, one man appealed to Anne. He was a banker. “Let me just get back to the 60-year-old banker,” she said. “I will only deal with CEOs and above”

But Anne hasn’t always been on the market. She was married twice before. The first time was back in 1968 with Charles Wilson. They had a daughter named Emma before they divorced just 5 years later in 1973. 7 years after her split from Wilson, she tied the knot with John Penrose in 1980. Her marriage to Penrose lasted a long 27 years before divorcing in 2007. Commenting on her love life in an interview with the Sun, Anne stated: “I really hope all ladies as old as I am are getting lots of sex- there is no reason not to. Sex keeps me young and energetic. I am single right now and I have no intentions of committing to anyone.

Anne is not the only celebrity that has used Tinder

Anne Robinson might be the oldest celebrity on Tinder, but she definitely isn’t the only one. The dating app has seen a few of the most famous faces trying to get some romance. In 2014, Britney Spears was featured on the Jimmy Fallon show where the boyish host convinced her to join the site.


Katy Perry also once used the app to find some love. After splitting with John Mayer for the second time, the firework singer decided to take her hot looks to Tinder where she quickly found a new boyfriend. Other top celebs the app has hosted include Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan.

Forget about getting lucky with any of these, though. These sell like hot cake and really don’t stay available for long.