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Dog Saves Toddler from Abusive Baby Sitter

When couple Benjamin and Hope Jordan had their first child, they, like all normal parents, set out to give him the best they could. That included a great baby sitter and so after a thorough search for candidates with a clean record, they settled on Alexis Kahn who seemed who was the perfect candidate- or so they thought. Five months down the line, they would realise a nasty fact. Kahn was not just an incompetent babysitter but was also very abusive to their son. This all came to light thanks to their loyal, loving family dog, Killian.


Alexis was the only one that used to remain with the baby in the house. There was no witness to the verbal and physical abuse that 7-year old Finn endured for months. Well, no witnesses except for their dog. About 5 months after hiring Alexis, the parents noticed that Killian became very aggressive towards her. The dog would bark and growl at her whenever she would enter the house. It would also try to come between her and Finn in an apparent attempt to protect the toddler. Benjamin and Hope were shocked.

“Killian has always been very warm and friendly to everyone he meets. We, therefore, found it very shocking that he was aggressive towards Alexis. At one time, we had to restrain him physically as he was too aggressive toward her,” said Benjamin.


It turned out that the dog was actually trying to warn the parents about the abuse that their son was enduring at the hands of Alexis. Following her instincts, Hope suggested that they leave an iPhone under one of the cushions to record what was happening in the house. They could never have been prepared for what was coming.

“We first heard cussing and then things escalated from there.” Benjamin narrates. “We then heard what sounded like slaps and our son changed from a distressful cry to a painful one. At that point, all I could think of was reversing time to just go and save him from all that.”


The couple also heard Alexis shake their son violently enough to kill or injure him severely.

But, thanks to the warning of their Labrador-German Shepherd mix dog, Killian, Alexis is now behind bars where she’ll remain for up to 3 years with the possibility parole after a year. This was after she pleaded guilty in a Charleston Circuit Court.  Apart from the sentence, she will also have her name listed on the child abuse registry.

How to Move House with Your Dog

One of the most stressful times in life is moving house. Studies have placed relocating among such events as divorce. It can be that bad. No one in the family is spared from the ordeal and although you cannot see it, shifting can also be a really stressful time for your four-legged friends, too. What makes it worse is that the dogs do not know what is going on. What can you do to make sure that your dogs do not get too stressed out during your move?


On moving day, limit them to one room

On moving day, confine the dogs to one room. This is for their own good as you will keep them from the upsetting chaos that follows as the movers turn the house upside down. The strange people (if you will be using movers) moving around the house can be alarming to your dogs. Couple that with all the loud noises and you have the perfect brew for a stressed-out anxious animal.

But confining the dogs to one room is also a safety measure. Imagine the dogs attacking the movers while they carry your most expensive TV set. That would result in loss and possibly injury. Just make sure the room has all the water and food the dogs might need and check on them in case they would like to answer nature’s call

Make Sure you have all the vet records transferred

If your dog has a known health problem that requires constant medication, make sure you get all of its medication restocked before removing. You should also ensure that you get all the dog’s vet records from your old one to the new professional. This has to be done way ahead of moving day.


In your new home

Once you’re in your new home, the dogs will be in a totally strange place and it won’t understand why. It is extremely stressful for the dogs to leave its comfortable, well-known zone and into unfamiliar places. For this reason, make sure you introduce the dogs to its new environment slowly. Confine it to one or two rooms at first until it begins to see the room as its safe space.

How to Get Your Bird Watching Hobby Started

If you love nature and are looking for a reason to be in the great outdoors, maybe you should consider bird watching. The thing about birding is that it is a relaxing hobby but it can also be mentally stimulating since you have to figure out what bird species your eyes are looking at. Getting started is easy. Just get yourself the following equipment and a passion for wings, beaks and feathers, and you’ll be good to go.

What exactly do you need to get your hobby going?



The very first thing you need is a good pair of binoculars. You can get these from Amazon starting from a few 10s of dollars. Depending on how serious you are about your new hobby, you might want to get one solid one that will last long even though it might cost you a bit. It is better than getting an el cheapo piece that will fall apart after a while. You also have the option of using a monocular. This can be easy to carry around and much easier to focus, but then you have to squint one eye to see with the other.


Field Guide

A field guide is a book that contains information about the different birds that you might come across in your bird watching. Yes, it’s easy to think you might just substitute this with Google. While that might be true, a good field guide will be far handier. It is more than just a simple reference. It contains bird names, bird plumage at different stages of their lives and for different sexes, their calls, diet, migration patterns, as well as lifespans. This is enough information for you to identify whatever birds you might be looking at.

Record Keeping

It is a good idea to keep records of the birds you find when out in the field. A notebook is enough for detailing all the varieties of birds you come across. You could also carry a camera to take pictures. You could get a brand new one or even a good second hand on eBay or Amazon depending on how heavy your pocket is.

Is it Okay to Declaw Your Cat

To declaw or not to declaw, that is the question. The answer? Well, it varies depending on who you ask. Some condemn the practice with all their strength, while others think it is important and not harmful at all. To be fair, let’s look at why you might want to declaw your cat and reasons why you shouldn’t.


The most common reason, really the only one, is that cat’s claws can be damn destructive and even harmful. Imagine your cat, your dear cat, daily damaging your dear leather chairs with its claws. Or imagine trying to have a close moment with your feline friend but it unwittingly keeps injuring your old fragile skin with its overly sharp claws. Would you rather the cat be confined to the basement and kept away from your lovely furniture or would it be better to just declaw it?

But while you might have reasons for your decision to declaw, consider why some people condemn the act.

Firstly, declawing is not like trimming your dog’s tail or its ears. It is a little more complicated than that. Cat’s claws are not designed like human nails. They are attached to the animal by bone, and the procedure involves getting rid of this little bone on each toe. This causes the cat severe distress and inhumane pain once it wakes up from surgery.


The cat won’t be able to walk normally for a while. In fact, its behaviour might change completely. It will need to relearn to walk and for that, it will need pain medication until the wounds heal. But that is not even the whole of the nightmare. Sometimes, the claws can grow back if the surgery was not well done, leading to pain under the cat’s paws that you won’t even be able to see.

There are times when an ethical vet might recommend declawing. But before you do it, is it really worth it?


Should You Get a Rottweiler?

Dogs are man’s best friends. But isn’t that a misleading phrase? There are so many different breeds of dog and some might not be suitable for you depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Take the Rottweiler for example. They have certain characteristics that make them unsuitable for some people. Here are some things you have to consider before buying or adopting a Rottweiler.


Rottweilers were first bred in Germany as working dogs that would draw carts of meat to the markets. They are also good herders that would protect livestock from wolves and other predators. They worker instinct lives on but so does their protective nature which sometimes does not manifest pleasantly if they are not trained.

When should you not get a Rottweiler?

Some dogs can be really aggressive. If you don’t have the time to search for a line that is not too explosive then maybe you should just get a different breed. But raising a peaceful safe dog is not all about having the perfect line. You will also need to socialize the dog at a very young age to prevent its protective temperament to evolve into dangerous aggression. Make sure you have the time to train the dog from an early age. The dog can also be rowdy and jumpy when young which is something you should consider in case you do not want to deal with that an overactive dog.


When should you get a Rottweiler?

If you really need a pet that looks intimating to intruders, the Rottweiler will do. It does not have to be aggressive but most people simply associate danger with the breed. Some dogs can really be demanding when it comes to grooming but not the Roti. Its short coat is pretty easy to take care of. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to your dog’s grooming, then get yourself a Rottweiler.


So, You Want to Get a Parrot? Here Are Some Things to Know First

Parrots can make great pets. If you have never had one, you might think they are just birds that are devoid of any personality. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. On the contrary, parrots are pretty deep. They can display characteristics and feel like a part of your family as do dogs and cats. Maybe the fact that they can ‘talk’ makes them seem even more sentient than dogs. But before you get carried away by these talking feathered pets, do you know exactly what you are getting yourself into? Here are 3 things you have to know before getting yourself a pet parrot.

Wikimedia Commons

They live really long

On average, dogs live up to 12 years. Some breeds can go as long as 20 years but 12 is the average for most. Parrots, on the other hand, can remain alive, kicking, and talking for 75 years! Some have even gone on to clock 80. As a general rule, the bigger the size, the longer the parrot lives. Before you get one, you should, therefore, know that you are getting yourself into a life-long commitment especially if you are in your late 20s and above.

They can be noisy

Apart from their colourful feathers, the other reasons parrots are attractive is that some can talk. Most people just find that to be the stuff of fairy tales, fascinating. But that is potentially a reason your parrot might drive you insane. The birds can be noisy! But not all parrots are created equal when it comes to noise. Some are quieter than others. Species such as the amazons can be really noisy, making screeches, laughs and babbles for about an hour in the morning and in the afternoon. Your neighbours won’t be very fond of your bird friend if you are living in an apartment building.


Parrots need a great deal of care

Dogs and cats need care. But for parrots, this is at a whole different level. These birds will literally take over your life so you have to be prepared for that if you want to get one. Scientists have found the birds to be highly intelligent, with an IQ of a four-year-old. They also have the emotional intelligence of a toddler and that can spell trouble for most owners. If the bird is not properly handled, expect some plucking, biting, and lots of deafening, irritating noises. Most people just give up and surrender the bird to other unsuspecting owners.

Parrots can make great pets. But before you get one, do you know what you are getting yourself into?

Jay-Z Finally Responds to Kanye’s Rant Last November

Jay-z and Kanye West have been pretty close friends for years. The two brought fans some rap joy with tracks like ‘Made in America’ and ‘No Church in the Wild’. Of course, they haven’t been angels exactly. They have had disagreements here and there but they have always patched things up under the radar. But all that changed last year in November when Kanye West lost it and went off on everybody right on stage. Everybody, including Jay z, his family, and Beyonce his wife.


But Jay-Z kept his cool, waiting for the right time and apparently, the right time was the release of his 4:44 album. In it, he had quite a mouthful for Kanye West.

Commenting on the incident, Jay-Z replied, “You’ve been hurt by this person and you took to the stage to drag my name through the mud,” in a clear reference to Kanye West’s rant during a concert. “But the most hurting thing about it all is that you have no right to bring my kids and wife into it. We have disagreed a number of times but this time it’s different because you brought my family in it and I cannot accept that.”

On Solange

Jay-Z also used the interview to address his incident with Solange, in which the sister in-law assaulted him in an elevator. He said: “Our relationship has always been great. We’ve disagreed a number of times but we’re alright. Solange is a sister to me. I am her brother, end of story. Not her brother in-law but a brother.

The rapper also took the time to talk about what he went through during the recording of his latest album, 4:44. He said he got sick as he was doing the tracks ‘Smile’ and ‘Moonlight’, in a house he was renting in Los Angeles because of mould.


The album has been received with applause but it also has a few voices condemning it, particularly from the anti-defamation league. In his song, the story of O.J, he makes reference to “how the Jews own all the property in the United States.” But in his defence, Jay said people were taking things out of context and it was actually ridiculous.

He touched on many topics except his daughter Blue and the twins Sir and Rumi. We can speculate that they are just doing fine, though.

Taylor Swift Only Sought $1 in Damages from Sexual Assault Case

Taylor Swift has just come out of a court case in which she sued a DJ for what she called sexual assault. She claimed that Jack Mueller, a DJ at a radio station in Colorado, grabbed her buttock under her skirt during a photo shoot. While that is shocking, what is really jaw dropping are the damages that Taylor was seeking. She said she only wanted $1 out of the whole thing.


Taylor did not start the court saga. It was Mueller who was actually sued Swift first, claiming that her accusations from 2013 cost him his job. The DJ was earning $150,000 a year but after getting fired, he says he couldn’t even land an entry level gig. In his 2015 lawsuit, Mueller was looking for $3,000,000 in compensation.

But after the court dismissed his suit, Taylor did not let the whole thing die. She came back this year with a counter suit where she was claiming just $1 in damages, an amount she says will be donated to charity.

The country-turned-pop singer said she was not after money but only wanted respect out of the whole case. She said the symbolic move would send a message that all women deserve to not to go through such an experience whether rich, poor, or famous.


The main piece of evidence was a picture from a pre-show photo shoot at the Pepsi Center in Denver, June 2013. It shows Taylor Swift standing with Mueller and his girlfriend at the time. Mueller’s hand can also be seen behind the singer’s buttock, and that, Swift claims, is what shows him groping him.

Mueller’s Lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, said: “Mueller’s hand is by no means under Taylor’s skirt. Looking at the skirt, you can see that it is in no way rumpled up.” Taylor’s lawyers, however, insisted that he grabbed her rear end.

When the trial first kicked off, the photo was shown to the jury which consisted of 2 men and 6 women. McFarland claimed that it was equally offensive and wrong to accuse someone of such an act falsely. He said Mueller had lost not just his income but also his reputation and chances of getting a job were slim.

Mueller said things had reached a desperate stage in his crisis, failing to secure even an entry level job. He has also made attempts to work for free but even that has been fruitless. He said at this point, he was considering plastic surgery and change of identity if that can help get him a job.

Will Tom Cruise’s injured Ankle Delay Mission Impossible 6

The 6th instalment of Mission Impossible 6 is in the works. Filming was scheduled to end in October this year but all that might change. Upset? Blame it on Tom Cruise’s injured ankle. The star of the hit movie franchise suffered a broken ankle and an injured hip as he was trying to jump from the rooftop of one building to another. In a video featured on Guardian Wire, Cruise can be seen leaping from the rooftop of one building then slamming into the wall of another. He, of course, had a harness which allowed him to lower himself to safety.


According to the script, Cruise was supposed to attempt jumping onto the roof of the other building. He was meant to fail and slam into the wall but on the fourth take, he landed at a dangerous angle and hurt his ankle.

“Actually, the whole stunt was not planned for Cruise to jump successfully. I think that wouldn’t have been very exciting. Fans will understand how the whole thing was supposed to roll out once they see the movie. We meant for him to hit into the side of the building. That is what gives the stunt its spark,” said Christopher McQuarrie, the writer and director of the movie.


In spite of the accident, McQuarrie said Tom was in high spirits. The star regularly does his own stunts for his movies and that is likely to stay that way. “I have never seen him in better shape than he is right now and I have worked with him for over 10 years,” the movie writer said.

Will this move the date of the release forward?

Filming Mission Impossible 6 was supposed to end in October 2017 and at this point, it is not clear for how long the hiatus will last. There have been suggestions that Tom might need up to 3 months to heal completely.
Nevertheless, Paramount Pictures have reported that Cruise’s injured ankle won’t affect the release date of the movie. It will be released on the 27th of July 2018 as was earlier planned.

The injury will not only affect Mission Impossible but will also spill into other movies as well. For Example, Henry Cavil and Rebecca Ferguson have to finish filming quickly to allow them to work on new movies. Tom Cruise himself also has to be working on another instalment of Top Gun, a movie that was released back in 1986.

Taylor Swift Just Wiped Her Instagram Clean

The internet can be a maze. It can be full of distracting drama and sometimes you just need to shut everything down and take a break. There are many ways to do this. You could simply log out and discipline yourself not to log in, or you could just delete your social media accounts. But, if you are Taylor Swift, you could also just clean out all your posts. Yes, that’s what Swift did on 18 August 2017, and her fans are on their toes trying to figure out what’s going on.


It happened Friday Morning. Swifties across the world woke up to check their favorite star’s social media feeds as they always do. The problem is that this time, they were greeted by blank spaces. That’s right- her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter had every single one of her posts deleted. Everything was just a desert, everything was gone including her profile pictures.

Her Twitter shows nothing from September 2015 to August. All you can see are her retweets but nothing of her own. She has also unfollowed everyone but her followers still remain. And yes, even her profile picture is out as well.


Facebook looks even more barren. There is absolutely nothing. The photos are gone, the about section is blank but the page likes still remain. There is one profile picture that was posted at about 8 pm GMT. But even that is just a black blank image. It, however, has some comments from dumbfounded fans.

As if that’s not enough, even her personal website wasn’t spared. Taylorswift.com has also been stripped of all its content as of 18 August 2017, leaving fans with nowhere to turn for any hints as to what’s happening. Her Tumblr is gone, too.

What could be going on?

At this point, the internet is filled with pure speculation as to why the star singer has taken this surprising step. One thing is that she just had a rough week in court where she’s had to deal with a sexual assault case against a DJ. But that cannot be seen as a reason to delete your accounts.


Others are saying maybe this has something to do with the date itself. 18th August 2014 was the day she announced her album, 1989. Still, some think this is all to prepare for a grand announcement, the coming of her latest album which people have been expecting for two years now. But regardless of the reason, could this all be some sort of prank? Are all the photos and posts gone for good or will they be restored? No one knows for sure.