This Little Boy Leaves Teddies on Babies’ Graves


Upon seeing the section in which babies born dead or those who die immediately after death are buried, a little boy was moved to do something that people have found to be heart warming.

Owen Osborne, 12, has been dubbed “Christmas Angel” by grateful grieving parents.

Mary Osborne, the mother to Owen, said: “We were at St Patrick’s Church and we decided to visit the cemetery. We wanted to leave my old sister’s grave some flowers. That is when Owen saw the baby section.

“I told him that those babies were sleeping when they were born and some of them died immediately after birth.” The mum, who lives in Hednesford, Staffordshire added. “He then asked me if the babies also got Christmas presents, to which I said some do while others do not.”

That is when Owen came up with the idea of giving the babies some presents. At school, he was told that some people have been called saints for their kind deeds, and he said he wanted to be one.

With a few soft cuddly toys now in his box, the boy covered each in Christmas paper, and to keep out any moisture, the boy wrapped the toys in freezer bags. He signed each with a tag that read ‘To baby angel from Owen’, and left each on a headstone.

He has been doing it for 3 years now

The first time he did that was 3 years ago and the boy has kept at it ever since. This year alone, Owen gave out 30 teddy bears. One of those that received the gift was Emma Machell, a 31-year-old resident of Cannock who lost her baby girl named Lacey some two years ago.

“I couldn’t hold back the tears when I learned that this little boy, without even knowing us, had done something so sweet for Lacey and all the other babies.

Mary is really proud of her son, Owen, and all the nice comments he has attracted. Seriously, who wouldn’t be?