Will Tom Cruise’s injured Ankle Delay Mission Impossible 6


The 6th instalment of Mission Impossible 6 is in the works. Filming was scheduled to end in October this year but all that might change. Upset? Blame it on Tom Cruise’s injured ankle. The star of the hit movie franchise suffered a broken ankle and an injured hip as he was trying to jump from the rooftop of one building to another. In a video featured on Guardian Wire, Cruise can be seen leaping from the rooftop of one building then slamming into the wall of another. He, of course, had a harness which allowed him to lower himself to safety.


According to the script, Cruise was supposed to attempt jumping onto the roof of the other building. He was meant to fail and slam into the wall but on the fourth take, he landed at a dangerous angle and hurt his ankle.

“Actually, the whole stunt was not planned for Cruise to jump successfully. I think that wouldn’t have been very exciting. Fans will understand how the whole thing was supposed to roll out once they see the movie. We meant for him to hit into the side of the building. That is what gives the stunt its spark,” said Christopher McQuarrie, the writer and director of the movie.


In spite of the accident, McQuarrie said Tom was in high spirits. The star regularly does his own stunts for his movies and that is likely to stay that way. “I have never seen him in better shape than he is right now and I have worked with him for over 10 years,” the movie writer said.

Will this move the date of the release forward?

Filming Mission Impossible 6 was supposed to end in October 2017 and at this point, it is not clear for how long the hiatus will last. There have been suggestions that Tom might need up to 3 months to heal completely.
Nevertheless, Paramount Pictures have reported that Cruise’s injured ankle won’t affect the release date of the movie. It will be released on the 27th of July 2018 as was earlier planned.

The injury will not only affect Mission Impossible but will also spill into other movies as well. For Example, Henry Cavil and Rebecca Ferguson have to finish filming quickly to allow them to work on new movies. Tom Cruise himself also has to be working on another instalment of Top Gun, a movie that was released back in 1986.