15 Celebrities who are Actually Couples

Love is a beautiful thing that knows no boundaries of race, beliefs, color, gender, tribe, appearance or age. That said, celebrities are no exception. Looks like cupid hit these celebrities so hard and they are head over heels in love with their respective partners. They have decided that no barriers can come between them. Their relationships prove that love should be 100 percent free of judgment. Here are celebrities who are actual couples.

1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

Source: http://celebrityinsider.org
These two are with no doubt Hollywood’s most famous lesbian couple. They started dating back in 2004 and their relationship has managed to stand the test of time. They are actually considered a power couple. At the time Portia was an actress and a model while Ellen was doing standup comedy. They dated for four years before tying the knot in a public wedding. The two are a premier example of what a relationship should be based on, love. Sexuality aside. These two can do no wrong.