15 Cult Fashion Brands Everyone Should Know

There are several fashion brands that are very popular among people, especially the fashionistas who would die to get anything from them. Brands like Channel and Yves Saint Laurent just to mention, but a few trump everything. There are others though that have quite the cult following thanks to celebrities who religiously wear them, a unique aesthetic or just a certain “vibe” that makes people want a piece of their pie. Cult brands refer to those brands that are so highly sought after that do not even stay for long on resale sites. With just an Instagram post on such labels, everything vanishes because people are so quick to purchase them. Cult branding is in itself a science, one that involves creating a human experience that brings a sense of belonging. Here are fifteen cult fashion brands that everyone should know.

1. Staud

Source: https://www.marieclaire.co.uk
Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto founded the Staud brand in Los Angeles. It became a hot label within just two years of existence. Through this, they created a new niche space for chic but essential items such as furry bags, billowing sleeves, and jumpsuits. All these somehow create a blend of different eras very seamlessly, which is what every fashionista wants. A dream come true for any one of them that’s for sure. The brand merges contemporary and retro for that essential cool girl factor that we are always after. Celebrities like Alexa Chung often rock the brand.