15 Cutest Animals from Around the World

People often say that ALL (human) babies are cute. It’s what helps them survive their mother’s wrath when they say or do something incredibly stupid. Or you have a face only a mother could love. One or the other. Like pictures of cute babies, looking at photos of cute and cuddly animals can make us smile and turn a crappy day into a great one. Even better if the cute animal is sleeping or in an otherwise adorable pose! Let sleeping dogs lie? More like take 500 pictures of your sleeping dog and accidentally wake them up. Here are 15 of the cutest animals in the world. Spoiler alert: cats and dogs make the list.

1. Koala

Source: pixabay.com
Unless you live in Australia, your chances of seeing a koala at the zoo are slim. Fun fact: koalas aren’t actually bears; they’re marsupials. Original settlers of Australia thought the animals looked like a small bear. It’s probably the button nose. When Koalas aren’t eating eucalyptus plants, they are sleeping – up to 18 hours a day! Your guess is as good as ours how they balance on tree limbs while they sleep. They can be found in some U.S. zoos, such as the San Diego Zoo, the Palm Beach Zoo and the Cleveland Zoo. The only zoo in the entire United Kingdom that currently have koalas is the Edinburg Zoo in Scotland. Koalas come from a land down under. Can you, can you hear the thunder?