Dog Saves Toddler from Abusive Baby Sitter


When couple Benjamin and Hope Jordan had their first child, they, like all normal parents, set out to give him the best they could. That included a great baby sitter and so after a thorough search for candidates with a clean record, they settled on Alexis Kahn who seemed who was the perfect candidate- or so they thought. Five months down the line, they would realise a nasty fact. Kahn was not just an incompetent babysitter but was also very abusive to their son. This all came to light thanks to their loyal, loving family dog, Killian.

Alexis was the only one that used to remain with the baby in the house. There was no witness to the verbal and physical abuse that 7-year old Finn endured for months. Well, no witnesses except for their dog. About 5 months after hiring Alexis, the parents noticed that Killian became very aggressive towards her. The dog would bark and growl at her whenever she would enter the house. It would also try to come between her and Finn in an apparent attempt to protect the toddler. Benjamin and Hope were shocked.

“Killian has always been very warm and friendly to everyone he meets. We, therefore, found it very shocking that he was aggressive towards Alexis. At one time, we had to restrain him physically as he was too aggressive toward her,” said Benjamin.

It turned out that the dog was actually trying to warn the parents about the abuse that their son was enduring at the hands of Alexis. Following her instincts, Hope suggested that they leave an iPhone under one of the cushions to record what was happening in the house. They could never have been prepared for what was coming.

“We first heard cussing and then things escalated from there.” Benjamin narrates. “We then heard what sounded like slaps and our son changed from a distressful cry to a painful one. At that point, all I could think of was reversing time to just go and save him from all that.”

The couple also heard Alexis shake their son violently enough to kill or injure him severely.

But, thanks to the warning of their Labrador-German Shepherd mix dog, Killian, Alexis is now behind bars where she’ll remain for up to 3 years with the possibility parole after a year. This was after she pleaded guilty in a Charleston Circuit Court.  Apart from the sentence, she will also have her name listed on the child abuse registry.