Jay-Z Finally Responds to Kanye’s Rant Last November


Jay-z and Kanye West have been pretty close friends for years. The two brought fans some rap joy with tracks like ‘Made in America’ and ‘No Church in the Wild’. Of course, they haven’t been angels exactly. They have had disagreements here and there but they have always patched things up under the radar. But all that changed last year in November when Kanye West lost it and went off on everybody right on stage. Everybody, including Jay z, his family, and Beyonce his wife.


But Jay-Z kept his cool, waiting for the right time and apparently, the right time was the release of his 4:44 album. In it, he had quite a mouthful for Kanye West.

Commenting on the incident, Jay-Z replied, “You’ve been hurt by this person and you took to the stage to drag my name through the mud,” in a clear reference to Kanye West’s rant during a concert. “But the most hurting thing about it all is that you have no right to bring my kids and wife into it. We have disagreed a number of times but this time it’s different because you brought my family in it and I cannot accept that.”

On Solange

Jay-Z also used the interview to address his incident with Solange, in which the sister in-law assaulted him in an elevator. He said: “Our relationship has always been great. We’ve disagreed a number of times but we’re alright. Solange is a sister to me. I am her brother, end of story. Not her brother in-law but a brother.

The rapper also took the time to talk about what he went through during the recording of his latest album, 4:44. He said he got sick as he was doing the tracks ‘Smile’ and ‘Moonlight’, in a house he was renting in Los Angeles because of mould.


The album has been received with applause but it also has a few voices condemning it, particularly from the anti-defamation league. In his song, the story of O.J, he makes reference to “how the Jews own all the property in the United States.” But in his defence, Jay said people were taking things out of context and it was actually ridiculous.

He touched on many topics except his daughter Blue and the twins Sir and Rumi. We can speculate that they are just doing fine, though.