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Man Saves Doctor Who Saved Him as a Baby

They say what goes around comes back around. For one doctor living in Orange County, these words rang true. Dr Michael Shannon helped save the life of Chris Trokey, a baby born prematurely more than 30 years. The doctor’s favour was repaid in 2011.


During one drive in 2011, Dr Shannon’s SUV was hit on the side by a semi-truck, sending the car in flames with the doctor still trapped inside. As fate would have it, Trokey, who now works as a paramedic in the Orange County Fire Authority, worked among the group that pulled him out of the SUV alive. The heart-warming story came to light when the pair both took part in a fundraising campaign for kids with cancer.

The men embraced each other like old friends reuniting, then proceeded to have their heads shaved as part of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. They revisited memories of how exactly for year earlier Dr Shannon was pinned in his SUV after getting struck by a truck. Paramedic Engine 29 sent in a unit of rescuers and it turned out that Trokey was one of them. The unit managed to fight the fire and cut the doctor out.


Trokey had no clue that he had just saved his hero from 30 years ago, and neither did Dr Shannon know that among his band of angels was Trokey, the little baby he had saved. Trokey only came to know who the doctor was when he took the time to see him in hospital where he lay recuperating.

When they first met those many years ago, Trokey was a tiny baby with a very slim chance of survival as he weighed a mere 3.2 pounds. Dr Shannon was the Paediatrician who worked tirelessly to ensure that little Trokey saw the next day, the next week, months, until there he is, a thirty plus-year-old man now working as a paramedic.

15 Pictures of millionaires’ pets

Millionaires seemingly have the best life. It must be great to know you can get anything you want whenever you want. In fact, if it’s not available, your money can make it available. While they enjoy every bit of their money buying expensive stuff, eating the best meals and doing a whole lot, they are human beings too. That means some of them also really love having pets. They get some for themselves and of course, these pets get to enjoy the same kind of luxuries as their owners. Here are some pictures of millionaires’ pets.

1. The breakfast of a king

Source: hitadviser.com
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say and should be taken in good portions. In other words, you should take breakfast like a king. Unfortunately, not too many of us can have that kind of breakfast literally but millionaires’ dogs get to enjoy that. It’s interesting right? While their owners have a fancy breakfast, their dogs get to enjoy the same.

15 Celebrities with Insane Eating Habits

It’s almost like we never learn. When it comes to diet we just usually prefer to turn to celebrities knowing very well that they are by no means nutritionists or medical practitioners. Somehow at the back of our minds, we tend to think that eating like Beyonce or any other celebrity we admire will make us look like them someday. Well this curiosity and feeling of wanting to eat like them is mainly based on the fact that these celebrities are always in the best shape and have the best features. They wear everything so well. Anyway, over the years, celebrities have shared what they eat and some of them include some very insane diets. They will clearly stop at nothing to maintain their physique that much we can tell. So here are some celebrities with insane eating habits.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: https://www.vox.com
She is known to have a very restrictive diet but Gwyneth simply describes it as having more discipline than many other people in as far as eating is concerned. Apparently, she discovered that she had some allergic reactions towards certain foods and decided it was time to do away with some very popular foods including red meat, cow’s milk, white bread, tomatoes, eggplants, sugar, gluten, and even tomatoes. Now we know why she looks so good.

The Fifteen Wealthiest and Most Famous Heirs in the World

Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. From families that have managed to amass so much wealth and as a result, this wealth has been passed down to them. In some other cases, it hasn’t been passed down yet but will be someday. Here are fifteen wealthiest famous heirs in the world.

How to Move House with Your Dog

One of the most stressful times in life is moving house. Studies have placed relocating among such events as divorce. It can be that bad. No one in the family is spared from the ordeal and although you cannot see it, shifting can also be a really stressful time for your four-legged friends, too. What makes it worse is that the dogs do not know what is going on. What can you do to make sure that your dogs do not get too stressed out during your move?


On moving day, limit them to one room

On moving day, confine the dogs to one room. This is for their own good as you will keep them from the upsetting chaos that follows as the movers turn the house upside down. The strange people (if you will be using movers) moving around the house can be alarming to your dogs. Couple that with all the loud noises and you have the perfect brew for a stressed-out anxious animal.

But confining the dogs to one room is also a safety measure. Imagine the dogs attacking the movers while they carry your most expensive TV set. That would result in loss and possibly injury. Just make sure the room has all the water and food the dogs might need and check on them in case they would like to answer nature’s call

Make Sure you have all the vet records transferred

If your dog has a known health problem that requires constant medication, make sure you get all of its medication restocked before removing. You should also ensure that you get all the dog’s vet records from your old one to the new professional. This has to be done way ahead of moving day.


In your new home

Once you’re in your new home, the dogs will be in a totally strange place and it won’t understand why. It is extremely stressful for the dogs to leave its comfortable, well-known zone and into unfamiliar places. For this reason, make sure you introduce the dogs to its new environment slowly. Confine it to one or two rooms at first until it begins to see the room as its safe space.

15 Celebrities who are Actually Couples

Love is a beautiful thing that knows no boundaries of race, beliefs, color, gender, tribe, appearance or age. That said, celebrities are no exception. Looks like cupid hit these celebrities so hard and they are head over heels in love with their respective partners. They have decided that no barriers can come between them. Their relationships prove that love should be 100 percent free of judgment. Here are celebrities who are actual couples.

1. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi

Source: http://celebrityinsider.org
These two are with no doubt Hollywood’s most famous lesbian couple. They started dating back in 2004 and their relationship has managed to stand the test of time. They are actually considered a power couple. At the time Portia was an actress and a model while Ellen was doing standup comedy. They dated for four years before tying the knot in a public wedding. The two are a premier example of what a relationship should be based on, love. Sexuality aside. These two can do no wrong.

Kate Middleton is a Real Fashionista – 20 Beautiful Photos to Prove it



Here´s a picture of a glowing Kate Middleton in her Alexander McQueen coat dress. She has matched her dress with Gianvito Rossi pumps. This picture was taken in Belgium. Wouldn´t like to see what Kate is wearing next? Click Next to find out!

17 Celebrities Wearing The Most Daring Dresses On The Red Carpet Of The Cannes Film Festival

Were you aware of the fact that the Cannes Film Festival red carpet is as glamorous as the Oscars? The festival attracts movie stars from all corners of the world and has supermodels flocking to attend the ceremony. Here are some of the celebrities wearing the most daring dresses on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival!

17. Zoe Saldana in Armani Prive, 2011


Here´s a picture of the stunning Zoe Saldana in Armani Prive attending the 2011 edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Zoe is an actress by profession and is mostly renowned for her meaty roles in Crossroads, Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy etc. You won´t believe who´s next on our list. Click Next to find out!

The Incredible Life of the Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is a real life Barbie Doll. Popularly referred to as “The Human Barbie” for bearing a close resemblance to a Barbie doll, Valeria has achieved her body through a combination of custom workout routine, plastic surgery, and specialized diet. She also applies makeup on her face and uses contact lenses to get her desired look. In her quest to have the impeccable symmetry of the Barbie doll, Valeria has even undergone a breast-augmentation surgery.

Who was she before she transformed into Barbie?


Valeria currently lives in her humble abode in Ukraine. However, she is originally from Moldova. She was obsessed with dolls ever since she was a child. As a child, she was fascinated by the impeccable symmetry of the dolls. Therefore, she grew up dreaming of being a human Barbie. Click Next to learn more about the human Barbie!

The Stars Of Game Of Thrones In Normal Attire

Most of the actors that first appeared in the successful series, Game of Thrones, were relatively unknown. Fortunately, after the massive success of the series, the stocks of the actors have increased tenfold and they have all now become global superstars. If you want to see how the Game of Thrones stars look in normal attire, you have come to the right place. Have a look!

Nathalie Emmanuel- Missandei


Nathalie Emmanuel portrays the character of Missandei in the popular TV series. Her stint on the show has helped open many doors for her. There´s no denying that her performance in the series helped her land a role in Furious 7. The British actress is doing well to grab headlines in the world of entertainment. The next actress plays the role of a character that is independent and tough. Who is it? Click Next to find out!