Man Saves Doctor Who Saved Him as a Baby


They say what goes around comes back around. For one doctor living in Orange County, these words rang true. Dr Michael Shannon helped save the life of Chris Trokey, a baby born prematurely more than 30 years. The doctor’s favour was repaid in 2011.

During one drive in 2011, Dr Shannon’s SUV was hit on the side by a semi-truck, sending the car in flames with the doctor still trapped inside. As fate would have it, Trokey, who now works as a paramedic in the Orange County Fire Authority, worked among the group that pulled him out of the SUV alive. The heart-warming story came to light when the pair both took part in a fundraising campaign for kids with cancer.

The men embraced each other like old friends reuniting, then proceeded to have their heads shaved as part of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. They revisited memories of how exactly for year earlier Dr Shannon was pinned in his SUV after getting struck by a truck. Paramedic Engine 29 sent in a unit of rescuers and it turned out that Trokey was one of them. The unit managed to fight the fire and cut the doctor out.

Trokey had no clue that he had just saved his hero from 30 years ago, and neither did Dr Shannon know that among his band of angels was Trokey, the little baby he had saved. Trokey only came to know who the doctor was when he took the time to see him in hospital where he lay recuperating.

When they first met those many years ago, Trokey was a tiny baby with a very slim chance of survival as he weighed a mere 3.2 pounds. Dr Shannon was the Paediatrician who worked tirelessly to ensure that little Trokey saw the next day, the next week, months, until there he is, a thirty plus-year-old man now working as a paramedic.