Man With ‘Golden Arm’ Saves 2 Million Babies With Blood Donations


When most people have a brush with death, they usually turn their lives around in drastic ways. This is the story of a man who, at the age of 14, experienced a near death experience. When he came to, he made a decision that has saved over 2 million babies.

James Harrison is now eighty and he has been a consistent blood donor for over 60 years. During this time he has saved over 2 million babies with his blood, earning himself the nickname, The Man with the Golden Arm.

The secret lies in the special composition of his blood. It contains antibodies that help fight off the Rhesus Disease. His plasma has actually been used to come up with a vaccine that has also saved lives. One of the people his blood has saved is his grandson who was also facing certain death due to the Rhesus disease.

His rare blood type means he has to be well-protected, and that is why his life has been insured for $1 million Australian Dollars! “I have been insured for about a million dollars and I am sure Barbra, my wife, will be taken great care of. I am really happy that I can help. I had to sign all sorts of forms and I essentially surrendered my life,” James said.

He was once saved by blood donors himself

He said to CNN that his decision came after he had a close brush with death. He had to have his chest opened for the doctors to get rid of one of his lungs. When the surgery was done, his father told him what happened. “You got 13 litres of blood and your life was saved by unknown people. At that moment, the 14-year old decided that once he was of age, he was going to be a blood donor.

On a light note, James confesses that he is still afraid of needles and can’t stand watching one enter his arm. “I usually take my gaze to the ceiling or look at the nurse. I am not good with the sight of blood, and I still cannot handle pain.”

All in all, he is an amazing man.