Taylor Swift Just Wiped Her Instagram Clean


The internet can be a maze. It can be full of distracting drama and sometimes you just need to shut everything down and take a break. There are many ways to do this. You could simply log out and discipline yourself not to log in, or you could just delete your social media accounts. But, if you are Taylor Swift, you could also just clean out all your posts. Yes, that’s what Swift did on 18 August 2017, and her fans are on their toes trying to figure out what’s going on.


It happened Friday Morning. Swifties across the world woke up to check their favorite star’s social media feeds as they always do. The problem is that this time, they were greeted by blank spaces. That’s right- her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter had every single one of her posts deleted. Everything was just a desert, everything was gone including her profile pictures.

Her Twitter shows nothing from September 2015 to August. All you can see are her retweets but nothing of her own. She has also unfollowed everyone but her followers still remain. And yes, even her profile picture is out as well.


Facebook looks even more barren. There is absolutely nothing. The photos are gone, the about section is blank but the page likes still remain. There is one profile picture that was posted at about 8 pm GMT. But even that is just a black blank image. It, however, has some comments from dumbfounded fans.

As if that’s not enough, even her personal website wasn’t spared. Taylorswift.com has also been stripped of all its content as of 18 August 2017, leaving fans with nowhere to turn for any hints as to what’s happening. Her Tumblr is gone, too.

What could be going on?

At this point, the internet is filled with pure speculation as to why the star singer has taken this surprising step. One thing is that she just had a rough week in court where she’s had to deal with a sexual assault case against a DJ. But that cannot be seen as a reason to delete your accounts.


Others are saying maybe this has something to do with the date itself. 18th August 2014 was the day she announced her album, 1989. Still, some think this is all to prepare for a grand announcement, the coming of her latest album which people have been expecting for two years now. But regardless of the reason, could this all be some sort of prank? Are all the photos and posts gone for good or will they be restored? No one knows for sure.