Taylor Swift Only Sought $1 in Damages from Sexual Assault Case


Taylor Swift has just come out of a court case in which she sued a DJ for what she called sexual assault. She claimed that Jack Mueller, a DJ at a radio station in Colorado, grabbed her buttock under her skirt during a photo shoot. While that is shocking, what is really jaw dropping are the damages that Taylor was seeking. She said she only wanted $1 out of the whole thing.


Taylor did not start the court saga. It was Mueller who was actually sued Swift first, claiming that her accusations from 2013 cost him his job. The DJ was earning $150,000 a year but after getting fired, he says he couldn’t even land an entry level gig. In his 2015 lawsuit, Mueller was looking for $3,000,000 in compensation.

But after the court dismissed his suit, Taylor did not let the whole thing die. She came back this year with a counter suit where she was claiming just $1 in damages, an amount she says will be donated to charity.

The country-turned-pop singer said she was not after money but only wanted respect out of the whole case. She said the symbolic move would send a message that all women deserve to not to go through such an experience whether rich, poor, or famous.


The main piece of evidence was a picture from a pre-show photo shoot at the Pepsi Center in Denver, June 2013. It shows Taylor Swift standing with Mueller and his girlfriend at the time. Mueller’s hand can also be seen behind the singer’s buttock, and that, Swift claims, is what shows him groping him.

Mueller’s Lawyer, Gabriel McFarland, said: “Mueller’s hand is by no means under Taylor’s skirt. Looking at the skirt, you can see that it is in no way rumpled up.” Taylor’s lawyers, however, insisted that he grabbed her rear end.

When the trial first kicked off, the photo was shown to the jury which consisted of 2 men and 6 women. McFarland claimed that it was equally offensive and wrong to accuse someone of such an act falsely. He said Mueller had lost not just his income but also his reputation and chances of getting a job were slim.

Mueller said things had reached a desperate stage in his crisis, failing to secure even an entry level job. He has also made attempts to work for free but even that has been fruitless. He said at this point, he was considering plastic surgery and change of identity if that can help get him a job.